BMW vehicle and BMW car gearbox servicing and gearbox repair

We offer three BMW gearbox services. We can supply you with a BMW gearbox, we can fit a reconditioned gearbox into your BMW vehicle or repair the existing BMW gearbox you are having trouble with.

We can supply you with reconditioned BMW gearboxes

We work with companies that invest heavily in gearbox stock so we dont have to wait weeks on end waiting for gearboxes to come in.

Here is a photo of the kind of BMW gearbox stock we have access to giving you the confidence you need in us to know we can supply fast.

We can repair and recondition BMW gearboxes from our BMW Garage

If you are having problems with a BMW gearbox and are trying to fix it with no luck then send it to us and give us a try. We have been reconditioning BMW gearboxes for 10+ years and are very experienced at it. We also offer a quick turnaround being able to get the BMW gearbox to you within 3 working days.

Here are photos of our mechanics with years of experience working on a BMW gearbox.

We not only supply and repair BMW gearboxes we can fit them as well.

We can also fit BMW gearboxes and it is a big part of our business. Here are photos of our BMW mechanics fitting a recent reconditioned BMW gearbox to an BMW car.

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