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About our independent BMW garage

We here at A1 Diagnostics are a affiliated company apart of the Bosch Car Service Network, we invest heavily in training and diagnostics to keep up to date with today's complex vehicles, leading the way as an award wining automotive repair centre based in the heart of Cardiff.

With a wealth of expertise in Engine and Transmission repairs and replacements we are one of wales leading rebuilders and suppliers of engines and transmission systems.

A1 Diagnostics invest in the lastest technology, from diagnostic equipment and Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) we undertake jobs on par with the dealers allowing coding and programming of new control units, control unit updates and retro fitting systems. Here is an image of our diagnostic bay and ADAS systems.

We undertake all insurance related work along with trade customers and retail. Call us today or email us to see if we could help with your vehicle. Our independent BMW garage is a BOSCH Car service centre based in Cardiff and are situated opposite the Cardiff City Stadium on Sloper Road pictured below.

As a BOSCH service garage we provide BMW vehicle diagnostics, BMW specialist skills in vehicle maintenance and repairs for all makes of BMW vehicles. We have received recognition from BOSCH Service who recently gave us a certificate (shown below) for achieving excellence from our BMW garage workshop in a recent audit.

We invest in the best technology ensuring all of our BMW mechanics and vehicle technicians have the best facilities. Having the latest and most up-to-date BMW technologies helps ensure we offer the most reliable BMW vehicle servicing to our customers pinpointing the exact faults and then servicing them there and then rather than the customer returning to the garage with problem after problem leading to more expensive bills.

We work to a Office of Fair Trading approved Consumer Code of Practice

As we mentioned earlier we work to an Office of Fair Trading approved Consumer Code of Practice. This means we work under a trade body that has an approved code of practice, this ensures we provide our customers with high standards of customer service and ensuring your rights as a consumer are better protected.

Operating under this trade body should give you confidence that when you come to our BMW garage you will receive a reliable service to the highest standards. Whether you need an engine rebuild, a new clutch, brake replacements we will make sure the servicing is reliable and at the best prices.